Rapido Rider Allegedly Masturbates During Ride, Sends ‘Love You’ Messages To Female Passenger

There have been innumerable cases where cab drivers, bike taxi riders, and food delivery executives have misused the contact information of female customers and sent them inappropriate or obscene messages. But this time around, another incident has come to light which has proven to be far more dangerous for women.

A woman named Athira Purushothaman had booked a Rapido ride for her way back home after having attended a protest in Bengaluru. She alleged that the rider arrived on a different bike which was not registered with the Rapido app because the original one was given for servicing. She accepted and proceeded with the ride nonetheless.

Image source: Rapido website

Athira went on to claim that during their journey, the rider was using one hand to control the handlebar while the other hand was engaging in “inappropriate behavior”. She insinuated he was masturbating while riding the bike. Fearing for her safety, she remained silent because they were travelling via a road which didn’t have many vehicles moving around.

She asked the rider to drop her way before her destination so he doesn’t get to see her house. After the ride was over, he started “relentlessly” calling her and sending her messages on WhatsApp. Despite blocking him, he began calling from different numbers.

Here’s a look at the messages the Rapido Rider sent her:

Here’s a look at Athira’s tweets:

While the police have taken note of the incident, people online were left shocked and questioned the steps such companies take to conduct background checks of potential candidates before hiring them. Some even shared similar experiences. Have a look:

What are your views on incidents like these?

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