Woman Shares Apology ‘Letter’ Of ‘Repentant’ Man Who Earlier Sent Her Rape Threats


Trigger warning: Article contains graphic references.

A lot of women have been speaking up about receiving unsolicited messages from strangers online and also how they’re dealing with them. Twitter user Aanchal also recently shared how an Instagram user asked her to send nudes and went on to threaten her sexually. He gave graphic rape threats that left her shaken.


A day later, the man in question sent her a long apology saying that he didn’t realize what he’d done was a crime and not a “harmless prank”. He pleaded that she does not contact the police as “all the hard-earned honour, pride and dignity” of his parents “will vanish in a second” and his mother will kick him out of the house.

However, Twitter wasn’t impressed by his repentance. Some didn’t think it was genuine while others urged her to report him and file a complaint with the cyber cell.

Have you ever found yourself in such a situation?

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