Vaani Kapoor And Ranveer Are Making Marriage Look Like A Dream On The Bazaar Bride Shoot

You know us millennials, wanting to run away from the sheer thought of being tied-down. But we also know that Ranveer Singh is anything but traditional and boring. So imagine our struggle between our two ideals when we saw this…

Ranveer Singh appeared in Harper’s ‘Bazaar Bride’ magazine with his Befikre co-star, Vaani Kapoor and gave us unrealistic expectations from any future groom.


Because who the hell can pull off polka dots with such charm?


Or look this fierce, when really he’s a cute little mushball!


And make every girl weak in her knees…


Soul-mate found.


I guess we’re all leaning towards the idea of marriage, as long as he’s the groom.

Btw Ranveer, maybe you didn’t see our ardent love from this post, let me make it really clear: we HEART you. 

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