Ranveer Singh Reveals His Mantra For Success In Married Life & All Husbands Will Agree!

As a girl who is of marriageable age and an obsessed Ranveer Singh fan, I can tell you Deepika Padukone is one lucky wife! She’s found the love of her life, someone to share her life (and her wardrobe) with! As for Ranveer, if you ask me, he’s already won the award for the Best Husband! Have you seen the way he looks at her?

In fact, in a recent interview for a magazine, Ranveer goes on about how his happiness was all about making sure DP got everything she dreamed of for her wedding! And that he was the lucky guy!

*Steady my beating fangirl heart*

During DeepVeer’s third and final reception at Mumbai’s Grand Hyatt this weekend, Ranveer gave another sweet speech. This time it was about his mantra for success in life!

And I’ll tell you this, every woman is gonna want their boyfriend/husband to listen to it!

“The key to success in life is to say yes to everything that she says! So when baby says, ‘Baby, change the vibe of the music’, I have to oblige!”

Bhai Bhai!

You’ll enjoy knowing this that Baba has already begun taking DP’s wifey authority quite seriously!

At an event today, he told the media how things have changed post marriage!

Alright then! We needn’t worry about DeepVeer because Ranveer seems to have attained the universal mantra for staying happily married!