Ranveer Singh Jumps On Crowd And Reportedly Hurts A Few, Fans Are Not Pleased

Most of us love Ranveer Singh a bit too much, now don’t we? And the ones who don’t like him can’t ignore him. There’s just something about his energy, style, and of course – fashion sense! And yes, us fans have to deal with the times when he is being a “tad” more extra.

But this time, Singh may have taken it a bit too far.

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Tere Bhai jaisa koi hard-ich nahi hai

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Promotions are ongoing for Zoya Akhtar’s Gully Boy and if you have been following Singh since the movie’s music launch, you’ll probably know that he has been doing something almost regularly nowadays.

Yes, the jumping-on-the-crowd thing.

It was all fun and games, the audience absolutely loved it, till Singh started doing it again, and again, and again.

Let’s admit it, even though Ranveer’s energy is something to drool over it’s also borderline dangerous!

Recently at Lakme Fashion Week, Singh was performing to his songs on stage after which he jumped on the crowd, but this time hurting a few.

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“Ranveer Singh’s trademark exuberance ended rather painfully for some members of the audience at Lakme Fashion Week at Jio Garden, Bandra, after he landed right on top of them, sending them sprawling to the ground on Sunday.”

To say the least, fans are not pleased. And social media has become a pool of criticisms against Singh.



Still love Ranveer Singh, but don’t know if I like him that much after this. I guess love is complicated. And so are jumping over the crowd unannounced!

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