Ranveer Singh Holding Deepika’s Heels At A Wedding Is The Ultimate Husband Goals!

Ranveer Singh may have his own eccentricities all the way from his fashion sense to pretty much his entire persona. But there’s one thing about him which everyone will agree to – he sets the ultimate relationship goals!

Ever since his relationship with Deepika went public, Ranveer was seen doing some pretty cute stuff for her.

Like chasing her with a flower!

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From appreciating her soaring career publicly to professing his love openly and unapologetically, there have been Ranveer-Deepika moments which left fans gushing and wanting the same kind of romance!

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While there’s an endless list of all the quirks Lady Padukone gets to enjoy, Ranveer’s recent act of love is making us all root for him.

Recently, a picture of the happily-married couple has taken social media storm where Ranveer Singh is holding Deepika’s high heels, while she greets people at a wedding.

If this is not husband goals, then I don’t know what is!

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This is hands down the cutest gesture Ranveer has shown till now and Netizens are mighty impressed!

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Every time Ranveer does something drool-worthy, we feel like it’s as good as it can get. But then the man never fails to outdo himself!

Seriously people, take notes!