11 Times Ranveer Singh’s Accessories Did All The Talking For Him!

Ranveer Singh is undoubtedly one of the most stylish actors in Bollywood. While Sonam Kapoor leads the baton in the female category, the award for pulling off the most risqué looks goes to Ranveer! Be it his quirk that holds up the crazy ensemble (you’re about to see a few) or the confidence/ease which he exudes, Ranveer Singh grabs eyeballs. Everytime!

Yes, his outfits are larger-than-life by definition, but it is Ranveer who infuses life into those. If you’ve noticed, he does so by bringing all the funk he can to the limelight with his A-class accessories! And it’s time to give the devil his due!

So here goes. 11 times Ranveer Singh let his accessories do all the talking! 

1. When he turned up the volume with his arm candy- a stereo! 



2. When he took rose-tinted glasses a little too seriously!

#ranveersingh 🔥🔥🔥

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3. Or ‘Go Green’ for that matter!

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4. The time when he paired cowboy hat with gali ka gunda tashan!

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5. Tee-game strong+Sylvester slippers+walking stick= BOMB 

Self explanatory . #GQBestDressed

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6. The God-blessed day when he posed with a nose pin and a bow-blouse!


7. From the time when he was MARIO, walking with his own portrait! 

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8. Colours. So many colours! Plus the stereo again!

Leaving for Switzerland😍

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9. Times when he rocked the gangsta look with his gold chains! (check out his shoes)

Outside SLBs office a few days ago😍

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10. And several of those times when he kept his head wrapped in a head gear!


11. And the day, he chose to shine along with medals and stars


Yes, that’s an awkward selfie, but when you have it, you gotta flaunt it!