Ranveer Dancing To A Song For Deepika Makes Her Blush, Hide Her Face, And Say, ‘Such A Clown’

Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone are the ‘It’ couple in B-town right now, setting #relationshipgoals for everyone. Deepika is often caught blushing at Ranveer’s constant confessions of love for her and fans can’t help but adore them both.

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Recently, Deepika graced the premiere of the show ‘Baatein with Baadshah’ hosted by none other than Shah Rukh Khan. Among the things they talked about, Shah Rukh sprang a surprise on Deepika when he played a video for her.

In the video was her beau Ranveer Singh, dancing/ acting to ‘Ek ladki ko dekha toh aisa laga‘, in his usual whacky way. No prizes for guessing whom he meant!

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At first, Deepika could not believe her eyes and exclaimed ‘what?!’ and blushed crimson at the sight of Ranveer.

Looking at Ranveer’s antics in the video, she said,

“Such a clown!”

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We seriously can’t help replaying this adorable moment of Deepika hiding behind the cushion when Ranveer started dancing.

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Ranveer ended the video with a beautiful message calling Deepika the light of his life while Deepika dreamily looked on as if trying to convey her love through her eyes.

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“Mandir me ho ek jalta diya yani ki deepika, yani ki aap. Aap ke baare me kya kahu? Jis tarike se aap apne karoron chahne walo ki zindagi me ujala bankar aayi, meri zindagi me ujala ban kar aayi, main uparwale se yahi dua karunga ki aap ki bhi zindagi me yahi ujaala barkarar rahe hamesha ke liye. There’s nobody like you, God bless you and love you!”

You can watch the video here:

Isn’t that just adorable? Get yourself a lover who would look at you like Deepika looks at Ranveer!