Ranveer Left A HILARIOUS Video Message For Alia And Her Reply Has Raised Our Expectations!

Ranveer Singh, the Bollywood powerhouse, is known for his antics and I don’t think I need to mention how! I mean, who has ever dared to call a contemporary/ex ‘Bhootni‘ and has managed to get away with it (with an invite that too)?! While you may argue that Anushka was a sport to take in zest, I want to commend Ranveer on his word-play.

Yes, you’ve spotted a big fan but my intention is not to bore you with my biasedness (you haven’t missed Ranveer doing the DDLJ scene, have you?) but introduce to another pix from his bag of trix!

Ranveer recently took to Twitter and expressed his unabated love for Alia Bhatt in a way you have never seen before!  

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And Alia, being the goofball she is, replied with her humour intact! The jugalbandi is quite something. 

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Ah, I can’t wait to see these guys share the screen space. How about you?!

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