Ranu Mondal Opens Up About Life After Fame & Her Big Bollywood Break!

Ranu Mondal rose to fame when her video where she is seen singing ‘Ek Pyaar Ka Nagma Hai’ went viral. Life has drastically changed for her ever since. She recently made her debut stage performance at a singing reality show ‘Singing Superstar’ where judge Himesh Reshammiya was so impressed with her soulful voice that he offered her a song in his upcoming film on the spot!


Accordingly, Ranu recorded a song ‘Teri Meri Kahani’ for Himesh Reshammiya’s film Happy Hardy Heer. Her video from the recording session too went viral on social media.

From Ranaghat railway station to a recording studio, Ranu’s journey has been super inspiring. In a recent interview with Indian Express, Ranu opened up about her experience of recording her debut song.

“This was the first time that someone trained me. I don’t know the technicalities of singing. Himesh ji treated me like a family member and gave me my life’s biggest opportunity. I cannot thank God enough for making me live a dream,” she said.

“I come from a broken family and have never seen so much love. And now that people are showering me with so much love, I could not be happier. Never in my wildest imagination did I think I would get a chance to be on such a big platform, or even sing in a Bollywood movie,” she added.


Ranu also spoke about the legendary singers who inspired her to try her hand at singing. “I was never taught music. I have grown up hearing songs on cassettes. It’s God’s most precious gift to me. Lata ji is like God. All her songs are so melodious. I have also loved Anuradha ji’s voice in the film Hero and all her bhakti songs. I have even heard Mukesh ji, Rafi ji and Shamol Mukherjee. While Asha Bhosle is also an inspiration, I don’t think all her songs suit me. So I pick songs according to my voice and avoid singing sexy songs,” she said.

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Atindra Chakraborty, an engineering student behind the viral video shared, tells us how it all began. “I was having tea at a stall when I saw her sitting there humming songs. Her remarkable voice touched my heart and I offered her some tea and biscuits. I then asked her if she can sing another song and that’s when she sang “Ek Pyaar Ka Nagma Hai”. I never knew it would go viral. I just uploaded it on Facebook asking people if they can help her whenever they meet her at the station. And the rest as you know is history,” he shared.


Chakraborty also said that an NGO has helped her provide accommodation. Together with the NGO, he’s working towards offering a better lifestyle for the woman. He also revealed that he has been getting calls from across the nation as well as abroad to help Ranu. She doesn’t have a mobile phone currently, so Chakroborty aids her and travels along with her.

Speaking of Ranu’s delight on shooting to fame, he said, “She is over the moon. The person who did not even have a house is getting to stay at 5-star hotels.”

“She did not even have proper food, and waiters at the Mumbai hotel were at her command the whole day, asking her what she wants to eat. Even from where I see, it looks like a dream. I wonder what is going in her mind. But all I know is that she hasn’t stopped smiling,” he added.

We hope Ranu’s fame and talent bring her more glory and prosperity! All the best, Ma’am!

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