“It’s My Job”: Rannvijay Singha On Being Trolled For Offering MBA Course To PhD Graduate

Earlier this month, our favorite roadie, and the current host of ‘Shark Tank India’, Rannvijay Singha was trolled online for offering a free MBA course to an IIT-PhD graduate in the show.


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Now, the public figure has responded to the trolling. In an interview with the Times Of India, the ‘3 A.M.’ actor said that he doesn’t take himself seriously.

“I don’t take myself very seriously. I feel blessed and grateful that I am getting opportunities to do what I want in life and I have the resources to take care of my family. It’s fun and I enjoy these memes and I feel you have to be open-ended.”

He adds that inspiring people is the real deal for him. “I meet a lot of youngsters during Roadies or other shows and I always tell them that whatever you do in life and how much ever a big superstar you become, stay grounded and don’t take yourself very seriously.”

“Sometimes, there are things and work in life you do that create a great impact on people and inspire others. My focus is always to live better and help more people in real life.”

“Through Roadies or Splitsvilla and the other shows I’ve done, when young kids come and tell me that I’ve changed their life as they weren’t go-getters, or became fit because of me, that is the real thing for me.”


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Responding to becoming the butt of jokes and ruling the meme-verse back then, he reportedly agreed that it was indeed, very funny.

“As per the concept of the show, it is the Sharks who decide that you should be given this. Another point is that there are many engineers, who also do an MBA, it is not connected but it’s because they want to cover all their bases.”

“You can do an MBA or engineering from the biggest institutes but you might not know a lot about digital marketing. There’s a possibility. Like I don’t know anything about the law but if someone offers me a law degree I would love to do it. Because I want to know the contracts I am getting into. I always think that law is one thing that I’d always wanted to do. A person who is well educated, that person will always understand the value of an extra degree or education,” he added.


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Rannvijay also thinks that memes are good for the show. Elaborating on it, he divulged, “When Michael Jordan cried they made memes on it, he became current. He is the guy who I follow for many reasons.”

“When a meme is made on you it means you are doing something which is getting noticed and you are current. I know that it is my job as a host on that show and I’ve to do it. I am not there to judge that if you have three other degrees, I should give you this, or I shouldn’t.”

Do you second with his thought?

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