Desis Reveal The Random Scams They Pulled Off At Work Just To Take It Easy

When in the office, there are days when we feel super productive and want to tick off all the assignments from the to-do list. On the other hand, there are days when we don’t even want to type an extra word, and attending a team meeting seems like a herculean task.

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Well, that is when some of us devise up with bizarre jugaads to save the day. Talking on these lines, people also shared the random scams they pulled off at work to get through the day.

The tweet was originally shared by a Twitter user named Rohit.

From writing random song lyrics and changing the font colour to white to reducing the font size, office goers shared some brilliant life hacks. Take a look:

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Engineers, take note!


Jahanpana, tussi great ho!

I mean, these are evil but BRILLIANT! Going to use some of these for sure.

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