Randeep Hooda & Khalsa Aid Provide 125,000 Liters Of Water To 12 Drought-Stricken Villages In Maharashtra

Remember when Cyclone Fani wreaked havoc in Odisha? The UK based International humanitarian relief organisation, Khalsa Aid, set up langars to provide hot meals and clean water to the victims. Once again these volunteers have stepped up and brought water relief to villages in Maharashtra that are suffering from drought.

12 villages near Nashik have been hit and all the common wells have dried up due to the scorching heat.

This is what the on-ground reality is like over there with locals scrambling for an absolute necessity like drinking water.

Actor Randeep Hooda, known for his powerful performance in ‘Highway,’ has joined the Khalsa Aid team and is helping them out in relief efforts. He reveals,

“I am in village Vele (37 km from Nasik and 150 km from Bombay). There is a great shortage of water, even drinking water… All wells have dried up. This is a serious problem every summer. This area gets hit by drought.”

Here is the update he shared on his Instagram account from Vele.

He shed light on the generous contribution of the volunteers saying,

“Khalsa Aid team is here, as usual volunteers are doing great groundwork helping the people out here with drinking water. They’re covering about 12 villages with about 25 to 30 water tankers every day. I would like to urge the government to step in and help these people and find some permanent solutions. There are a lot of dams here, but these tribal people do not have access to it.”

We sincerely hope that the concerned authorities make note of the situation and take necessary steps to prevent this from happening in the future.

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