Ranbir Kapoor Criticized After Report Claims He Might Take Paternity Leave, Fans Support Him

When women take maternity leaves, it is their ‘responsibility’. But when men take paternity leaves, they are ‘missing out’ on their careers. This is how our society thinks and it was evident in the questions that were thrown at Virat Kohli when he announced that he would be taking paternity leave.

You see, in our society, it is very normal for a woman to take maternity leave or sacrifice her career altogether for her children but it is not for a man. Hence, when a man says that he has taken a break from his job to take care of his kids, he is often met with ridicule.

A report by Bollywood Hungama states that Ranbir Kapoor has decided to take paternity leave after his child is born while Alia Bhatt will join work immediately after recovering.


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While we cannot guarantee the authenticity of this information as Ranbir Kapoor hasn’t officially stated this, the report claimed that a “close friend of the couple” said, “It was Ranbir’s idea to take a paternity break. He is a very excited father-to-be. He suggested that Alia should return to work while he would look after the baby.”

What is shocking is that when this report was shared on social media, several people expressed their disappointment and said that Ranbir will be missing out on many work opportunities in the process.

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Thankfully, there were many who called such people out for their hypocrisy. They also said that if Ranbir actually takes paternity leave, it would be setting a good example for many other fathers.

It is disappointing that even today, people believe that it is entirely a woman’s responsibility to raise a child and not a man’s. A man is allowed to stay away from home for days on end after a child is born and not a woman. And when a man finally takes the step to look after his child while the mother is out for work, he is looked down upon.

Such a shame!

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