Dad-To-Be Ranbir Kapoor Talks About ‘Equal’ Parenting & Sharing Responsibilities With Alia

It has been a socially accepted fact for generations that a woman is the primary caregiver of the family while a man is a breadwinner. Earlier, women left their studies and careers to take care of the family and nurse a newborn while their husbands could continue with their work and contribute little to no effort in raising the child.

But times have changed. Many couples are now trying to find ways in which there can be an equal partnership in raising a child, without the onus falling on only the women. In some cases, there have been men who paused their careers to take care of the family while their wives went ahead in their careers.

Similarly, since Alia Bhatt and Ranbir Kapoor are soon to be parents, the latter shared how they have spoken about sharing their responsibilities. Recalling how he grew up watching the men in the Kapoor family remain busy with work while the kids were brought up by their mothers, Ranbir said he doesn’t want it that way.

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The Indian Express quoted him saying:

“Alia and I have been talking about it for some time now, how we’re going share our responsibilities and how we’re going to share our time. We grew up in a generation where our fathers were quite busy with work and were not around us, so more or less we’ve been brought up by our mothers, so we were close to our mothers. I want to have a different dynamic with my children, I want them to be close to me also.”

Ranbir further expressed that he doesn’t want Alia to sacrifice her dreams and work just because she is becoming a mother and that they have to plan out a “balanced life”.

“Alia is a very busy working star in this film industry and I don’t want her to sacrifice her dreams because she has a child. So we have to somewhere plan out a balanced life where we both can enjoy our personal life and our professional life, so it is one day at a time, one step at a time, but I have a lot of expectations from it.”


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There is no doubt that the entertainment industry has a massive reach; actors and other celebrities have the ability to influence people’s lives. In the older generations, we saw how female actors would take a long break from their careers to take care of the family while male actors would continue to remain in the spotlight.

It’s great to see how female actors nowadays have rejected this mentality and their husbands being a secure and strong pillar of support.

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