Media Hypes Ranbir Kapoor For Going To The Gym After Baby’s Birth, Twitter Rains Sarcasm

After welcoming their baby girl into the world, new parents Alia Bhatt and Ranbir Kapoor must be busy taking care of the baby post-delivery. It’s indeed necessary which is why Ranbir also decided to take paternity leave.


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Apart from parenting the newborn and sharing equal responsibilities with Alia, new daddy Ranbir is also dedicated to himself and goes to the gym every day despite the arrival of the baby.

Taking to Instagram, Ranbir’s trainer Drew Neal shared a picture with Ranbir and lauded him for not skipping any gym session even though he has the ‘best excuse’ not to hit the gym.


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Kudos to Ranbir but what’s the big deal with him going to the gym? Of course, he can. He didn’t go through the uncomfortable nine months of pregnancy and then deliver a baby at the hospital.

If Alia would have done that, it would have been something. But then again she would have been judged and called out for leaving her little baby home.

Moreover, several imminent media houses also hyped this information.

You see how easy it is for men in our society to be praised by others while women are criticized for every move they make no matter how painful or difficult it is.

Well, people online didn’t get the point of hyping the fact that Ranbir didn’t skip going to the gym even after his daughter’s birth. This is how they reacted:

Why are the standards so low for men while women have to climb mountains to be able to get equal respect?

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