7 Times Ranbir Kapoor Opened His Mouth & People Said ‘Bhai Kya Bol Raha Hai?’

“I do have a bad sense of humour and sometimes kinda falls flat on my face.”

This is what Ranbir Kapoor said in 2022 after some of his statements weren’t seen in a good light by many people online. But even now he is headlining almost every other day because of the weird things he says. And as it turns out, Ranbir’s habit of saying questionable things isn’t recent. In a lot of his previous interviews, we see a much worse avatar of him.

Here are 7 times when Ranbir Kapoor said something inappropriate (and even downright insensitive) that made people go, “Bhai kya bol raha hai?”

1. When he called Anushka Sharma an “anxiety queen” and claimed that she apparently has to pop pills every time to have a conversation.

Here’s a look at the interview.

2. When Ranbir was asked in an interview about why he doesn’t make political statements, he said it’s because it doesn’t make any difference to his life.

Watch the interview here.

3. When he said something really inappropriate while Katrina Kaif was fixing a mic on her outfit and when she called him out he said, “Jhagarte rehti hai sir.”

4. When he disclosed Alia Bhatt’s messy bathroom habits – “One which I tolerate would be, not sometimes, her bathroom habits of throwing the towel somewhere and her makeup remover somewhere. I have OCD, so whenever she comes out of the bathroom, I can see a total mess.”

5. When he joked about Alia Bhatt’s baby bump and said that she’s ‘phaelaod’, people didn’t take it lightly.

6. When he was slammed for calling Alia “loud” and “vivacious” and hoping that their daughter Raha doesn’t get her personality.

“I told Alia I hope [Raha] looks like you. She’ll be a nicer-looking person if she looks like you. I just hope she has my personality and not your personality because I can’t have two. Two girls at home like this would be quite a daunting task for me. I hope Raha is a bit more quiet and demure like me so then we both can handle Alia.”


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7. When he called Alia an “overstressed” and “stressful” parent while calling himself a “chill dad”.

“I think Alia is the overstressed parent. She is very stressful. So I will have to be that little bit of a calming factor. I don’t think we should be overprotective. Then I think the baby will suffer in the future. So I’m a chill dad that way.”

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What are your views on his statements?

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