Ranbir Kapoor Calls Alia Bhatt A ‘Stressful’ Parent, Calls Himself The ‘Chill Dad’

Since 2022, Ranbir Kapoor has been giving multiple interviews – first to promote ‘Brahmastra’ and then ‘Tu Jhooti Main Makkar’. And in these interviews, he shared a couple of personal details about his married life and life as a father. However, not all of them were seen in a good light by many people on the internet.

And now, in another interview, Ranbir Kapoor went on to call his wife Alia Bhatt an “overstressed” and “stressful” parent while calling himself the “chill dad.”

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News18 quoted him saying that he thinks that parents shouldn’t be overprotective and should be a little easy on the child. Here’s what he said:

“I think Alia is the overstressed parent. She is very stressful. So I will have to be that little bit of a calming factor. And I feel sometimes you’re a little overprotective about children ki ‘don’t do this or that, don’t meet people’. But I feel the more you are easy with it, a human being adapts, and a human being’s immunity also gets better as they grow older. So I don’t think we should be overprotective. Then I think the baby will suffer in the future. So I’m a chill dad that way.”


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Don’t know how readers will feel about Ranbir calling Alia “stressful” but he went on to spill a very touching detail from the day their daughter Raha was born.

“I got to hold her as soon as the umbilical cord was cut, and that moment will remain as a very big core memory of my life,” he said.

What do you think about his statement?

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