‘Husband Of The Universe’, Pitaji Ram Rahim Made Sadhvis Keep Karva Chauth Fasts For Him

If Pitaji’s Maafi in his gufa, overpriced veggies, castrating men, claims of being Papa Coach and all the “skeletons” coming out of the closet were not shocking enough, with each passing day we’re unearthing more bizarre truths related to Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh. We are shook!

The latest revelation, (not the one where Baba is declared as a sex addict though), is taking creepy to the next level. In a video that is going viral, people have learnt that Pitaji used to compel young girls and sadhvis to keep karva chauth for him, for his lambi umar. Because he’s the husband of the universe.

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Wait, what? Wasn’t he the father of the universe? Pitaji?

It was learnt that Pitaji/Husbandji used to bring together his women followers under one roof on the eve of karva chauth. He told them that fasting for an ordinary man (husband) will not do any good and they should fast for their God, i.e. him, who is the husband of the universe.


At the event, he would read out messages of women followers, who accepted him as their ‘spiritual’ life partner. Not only that, he would from the stage, make an announcement for them to break the fast.


What’s even more sickening is that young school girls, dressed up as married women for him and held placards with messages calling Papaji/ Pitaji their suhaag. And, he called them his ‘betiyaan’.


Some even raised questions that did even Honeypreet Singh Insaan, who is MSG’s adopted daughter and allegedly has sexual relations with him, keep karva chauth for Pitaji?

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An India Today report quoted a CBI witness, Gurdas Singh Toor. He said,

“All this was done by Gurmeet Ram Rahim to put in the minds of minor girls that he was their husband and owned their mind and bodies. The most sad part of this exercise was that even the small girls were also compelled to go without food and water for the whole day. They did all this for the long life of a sex addict who did not even spare small children.


The self-styled Godman and the stories spiraling around him are making our heads reel. Each piece of information is bizarre in its own right. But this is just too much to take in.

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