This Pakistani TV Show Helped A Man Get Rid Of Ram Gopal Verma’s Ghost

A popular reality show in Pakistan aired one of its most interesting and intriguing episodes recently. A man who was possessed by a spirit (or ‘Genie’) was brought on the show to be treated with all seriousness and the whole process was aired LIVE on Paksitan’s television and was uploaded by Fel Fle.

The victim was possessed by a spirit of Hindu religion which wanted to destroy his peace of mind just because he was a Muslim. One of the hosts started interacting with the ghost and asked him for his name. Although, the man remained quiet, the host guessed the name and it was absolutely correct. RAM GOPAL VERMA! Bingo!

It seems like Mr. Verma has gone way too far to research for his films. I guess we can be prepared for ‘Darna Optional Hai’! 😀

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