Ram Gopal Varma Slammed For Film On Women Who Turn Lesbians Post ‘Bad Experiences With Men’

Cinema has the power to influence people’s thoughts and actions. While there are people who think that to place a moral responsibility on film-makers is unfair, that art could just be created for art sake, we cannot negate the fact that when film-makers have the ability to shape mindsets, they should, at least a tad bit, think about how their movies affect the masses.

This is probably why Ram Gopal Varma has been facing flak from people online who accused him of wrongly interpreting lesbians.

Ram Gopal Varma recently took to Twitter to reveal his next film – “India’s first lesbian crime/action film” he called it. Describing the film, he wrote:

“DANGEROUS is about 2 women who because of bad experiences with men, passionately fall in love with each other.”

Have a look:

People online slammed him for wrongly interpreting homosexuality and reducing the “existence” of lesbians to “bad experiences with men”. They pointed out that “bad experiences” with any gender does not change a person’s sexuality. Have a look:

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