Rakul Preet’s Brother Roasts Her For Burning Pancakes, Watch Their Sweet Banter

IMO, the word sibling is synonymous with an irritating baboon who’s the happiest when the parents reprimand the other one in front of them. We sure have a love-hate relationship with them. However, their absence also makes us sad.

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Bollywood actor Rakul Preet Singh also has a similar kind of relationship with her little brother Aman. Recently, Aman gave us a glimpse of how these siblings are vibing at home, and their sweet banter will remind you of your bhai/behen.

In the video, Rakul’s brother is seen roasting her for burning a batch of pancakes. The clip opens with the ‘Yaariyan’ actor scrapping the burnt pancake from the bottom of the pan. That’s when Aman mockingly asks her, “didi, ye kya banaya hai tumney?”

Rakul giggles at his question and responds she was making ‘pancake scramble’. Captioning the video, Aman wrote, “Thank god I said no to pancakes when @rakulpreet asked me this morning.”

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Rakul and her brother Aman sure share the same bond most of us have with our siblings. Sometimes they’re seen roasting each other and other times having a gala time together.

Well, ever since most of us came back home, courtesy the coronavirus lockdown, it sure has brought most of us close to our family.

What is that one moment with your sibling that makes you go ROFL every time you think of it? Share with us.

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