5 Ways You Can Make This Raksha Bandhan The Best One Ever For Your Sister

Raksha Bandhan is almost around the corner, peeps. As a sister myself, I’m really looking forward to it. Not to be shallow, but I cannot frickin wait for all the gifts! Yes, yes, I know the day is all about the time-honoured tradition of celebrating the love and bond between sisters and brothers. And I have immense love and respect for all you brothers out there. You guys rock!

If at all you haven’t planned anything for her for this Raksha Bandhan, not to worry, I’m here to be your knight in shining armour and help a brother out.

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Pull out your notepads boys, because I’m about to tell you 5 ways in which you could make this Raksha Bandhan the best one ever for your sister:

1. Breakfast in bed

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An oldie, but goldie. Trust me, you cannot go wrong with breakfast in bed! And it’s like the easiest meal to prepare. Even those of you who haven’t stepped foot in the kitchen a day in your lives, cannot screw this up. Keep it simple, keep it sweet and your sister will be singing “Yeh bandhan toh pyaar ka bandhan hai…” in no time.

2. A blast from the past

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Dig up one forgotten item from your childhood that’ll always be special for the both of you. It could be anything. An old toy, a book that means something to you guys, or even an old framed picture. Wrap it up nicely and be prepared to see some good old waterworks, cos she ain’t going to be able to hold back those tears.

3. Indulge her sweet tooth

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Mom always says “Har shubh kaam se pehle kuch meetha kha lena chahiye.” Not like we need a reason to indulge our sweet tooth anyways. So how about you make it extra special and gift her a Personalized Cookie Cake gift box from Pillsbury. Believe me, she won’t know what hit her. A box of uniquely delicious treats like nothing she’s ever had before. The Pillsbury cookie cake is the heavenly combination of a cookie and a cake. The elegance of a cake merges with the playfulness of a cookie, to give you a mouthful of yummy goodness. Mathlab, cake ka mazaa ab cookie mein! The chunky choco chips hiding inside the moist rich, soft-baked cookie cake along with the chocolate drizzle on top is sure to send her into a tizzy.

And did I mention you could get it personalized?! All you have to do is visit the nearest shop where the activation is offered, choose a pic of hers or one with the both of you, and bingo! You’ll be handing her something she’s never even dreamt of.

4. Something to look forward to

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Has she been cribbing about needing a break? Get her girl gang together and coordinate a trip for her with them. Save your sister the trouble of planning the thing and set everything in motion. Without letting her know, of course. Or you could plan one just for the two of you. Make all the required arrangements and voila, you officially become the best brother a girl could wish for when you hand over the tickets to her as she ties the rakhi on you.

5. Surprise movie night

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She’s a trainwreck of emotions after all the wonderful things you’ve been doing for her. How about adding one more to the mix? A movie night! Get the whole fam together on the couch with loads of cosy pillows and blankets along with some freshly made popcorn. And treat your sister to a rewatch session of her favourite movies. This right here is a recipe for sure shot success. She’ll happily get you water every time you’re too lazy to get up off the bed after this. Well, for a few days at least.

Now that I’ve done you all a solid by basically handing over a cheatsheet to being the best brother ever, go watch the happiness well up in her eyes as she hugs you for being the most amazing brother on earth. Happy Raksha Bandhan!💖

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