MLA Calls Navjot Sidhu ‘Rakhi Sawant’ Of Punjab Politics, Rakhi Responds ‘Chadda Utar Dungi’

The age of social media is quite frankly a glorious time when there’s no way anyone can get away with misogynist comments. So when MLA Raghav Chadha took a jibe at Navjot Singh Sidhu by calling him the ‘Rakhi Sawant of Punjab politics’, it sparked outrage online.

Right after Chadha’s tweet, Rakhi Sawant started trending online as people flooded Twitter in support of the actor and slammed the MLA for making such a comparison.

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Some debated whether or not the comment was actually steeped in misogyny.

Rakhi herself spoke out and responded to the MLA’s comment, as did Navjot Sidhu.

Rakhi slammed Chadha and said that he needed her name to even trend online and humbly thanked fellow actors who rushed to her support.

Do you believe the MLA’s comments were misogynist? Tell us.

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