Rakhi Sawant Is BACK With Her Instagood Videos And It’s Seriously High-larious!

Let me confess this for once and all, Rakhi Sawant is my soul sister. Yes, call me any name you want but there are two things that I absolutely can’t live without- Biryani *salivates* and Rakhi Sawant’s grams!

Yes, I was devastated when her account vanished overnight just like all other Rakhians (yes, that’s a thing) who didn’t know what to do with Instagram anymore. But then, Rakhi bounced back to the #Instalife and breathed awesomeness into ours in ways more than one.

Wondering if it is Rakhi Sawant admiration day? Well, and it’s not like we really need one but…HELL YEAH! In case you’re living under a rock, it is Rakhi’s birthday today and we have never been more grateful. 

Loud? Why not?

In fact, she’s already out having a blast (read: shots of tequila). How do I know that? Because she took to Insta to tell us all, that’s how.

“Happy birthday to me. I love myself. I am my favourite. God bless me.”

Although I’m a little bummed that I’m not celebrating the day with her but hey, as long as she’s high happy!

And this is not her first proclamation for the glorious occasion. She was pretty thrilled, even a day before and how. 

Now, I know the day calls for extra enthusiasm but don’t you dare think that Rakhi discriminates.

That’s right. She is vocal every day, every time she has something to convey to her fans and it’s not something you can afford to miss.

Sample this: when she was sad that not many of her fans and followers know of her new account after the unscrupulous hacking of her old account…

Which was followed by she being happy that her followers finally found a way, back to her. 

BTW, she also issued a warning-cum-threat for all the hackers out there!

“Agar kisine mera Instagram phirse hack kiya toh, I’ll murder them.”

Oh, ICYMI, she is also into singing timeless, classics along and how I wish I could sing along…

Hell, she even shared a clip from her recent shoot shenanigan and you’d wish your work was that fun. 

On another note, happiest birthday, Rakhi. We don’t know how’d we survive the drudgery that is life (and adulting) without you (and your grams)! Never change, please?