I Survived The Trailer Of Rakhi Sawant’s New Movie. Nothing Affects Me Anymore.

The trailer of Rakhi Sawant’s movie, Ek Kahani Julie ki is out, and for some reason, the onus of presenting the trailer to you has been bestowed upon me. Therefore, having no other choice, I went ahead and watched the entire 3 minutes of the trailer and by the end of it, I’m a little ashamed to confess, I was quite amused!

I felt like I have finally achieved Moksha, and nothing in this world can affect my emotional balance anymore. If you want to put yourself through a test to know if you’re ready to live your life as a Higher Being who is not perplexed by the horrors of this world, watch this video by¬†Zee Music Company!

Don’t be hard on me, I’m just the messenger!