Rakhi Sawant And Her Selfie Stick Are On A Trip To Dubai And We Have Never Been So HIGH!


Let me confess this for once and all, Rakhi Sawant is my soul sister. Yes, call me any name you want but there are two things that I absolutely can’t live without- Biryani *salivates* and Rakhi Sawant’s Insta!


“My name is Anthony Gonsalves. Apun ke pant main chuha ghus gela hai, isliye apun hil raila hai!”

There are no two ways that Rakhi makes headlines wherever she goes (for reasons you may like/not like) but apart from that, this woman has got chills that I will probably never have in my entire lifetime. But while my quest of acquiring some, is still under process, nobody said anything about admiring from a distance. So here goes…

Rakhi Sawant and her selfie-stick are on a trip to Dubai and the stuff is trippy AF! 

1. It started with “Doston….”



2. “Dubai..Dubai..Dubaiii”



3. Getting this wig ASAP!



4. Dubai mall Feat. Shaikh Saab!



5. Log toh dekhengey, logon ka kaam hai dekhna!!!



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6. TAXIIIIIIiiiiiiiii



7. There is no selfie stick here but look at her grooves!



8. This is me whenever I spot something monumental like the Burj Khalifa.  



9. Dear Modi Ji…



10. Also me every time I’m on a flight! 



However, I’m totally digging the death stares that this innocent woman is giving Rakhi and her awesomeness. That’s my mom when she is travelling with me, BTW!


Oh Rakhi, how you so awesome? From one mad hatter to another- never change. Please?

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