Rajkummar Rao On How His Mom Was Infatuated With Bachchan & It Made His Father Insecure

Rajkummar Rao has certainly made a mark for himself in the world of films with stellar performances in movies like Stree and The White Tiger. However, the ace actor now opens up as he remembers his mother who sadly passed away a few years ago and reveals a kindness that Amitabh Bachchan once extended to her.

A video shows the actor speaking to Bachchan and Rajkummar can be heard saying, “My mother was your big fan. She loved you a lot. She told me that when she got married in Gurgaon, she only brought one thing with her, that was your poster and she pasted it in my father’s bedroom.


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He recalls adding, “So my father felt so insecure, he was like, it is an arranged marriage and she has brought a poster of Amitabh with her. My father was so insecure that he asked her if she was with him or with Amitabh.”

Speaking of the time he lost his mother, Rao adds, “When I was shooting for Newton, I got the news that she is no more. She was never able to come to Mumbai but she used to say that I want to meet you (Amitabh) once. So when she died, I felt really guilty that I wasn’t able to get her to meet you. That very night when (she died), I contacted you and told you about it.”

He then shares with everyone what Bachchan did for Rao, “I asked you if it was possible for you to make a short video for her and I will not show it to anyone else and I’ll just play the video in front of her photo because she just wanted to meet you once. And sir, you instantly made a video for her.

He continues, “I played it in front of her photo and for some reason sir the video disappeared from the pen drive on its own. Nobody knows where the video is. I think it was meant to be between you and her and thank you so much for doing this.”

What a touching memory.

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