Inspired By Daughters, Rajasthan MLA Goes Back To College At 62 To Complete His Education

You may have come across a person who had had to give up on their education because of financial constraints. Such people have seen either the death of a parent or their job loss for which they have had to take the reins and make sacrifices to earn for their family.

One of such people is Phool Singh Meena, a 62-year-old MLA from Rajasthan. According to The New Indian Express, he had to drop out of school after his father, who was in the army, passed away. He studied till class 7. He then pursued farming to sustain.

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Being a school drop-put himself, he was determined to give his children the best of education. He now has 5 daughters – 4 of them are post-graduates and 1 is currently studying law.

Phool Singh Meena is an advocate for education. But he felt that his advocacy lay hollow as his own education was incomplete.

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So, with the support and a nudge from his 5 daughters, Phool Singh Meena decided to go back to school. In 2013, with the help of his daughters, he got admitted to class 10.

“My daughters used to teach me after they finished their own studies. Later, I passed the 12th standard exams.”

And now, Phool Singh Meena is taking his BA exams! He grabbed several eyeballs when he recently appeared for his Political Science exam at Kota Open University centre, Udaipur. According to him, education is as important as politics.

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Now that he has gone back to studies, he plans on doing a post-graduation and a PhD later.

People like Phool Singh Meena prove that there is no age to learning. We hope he becomes an inspiration to many!

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