How A Rajasthan Carpenter & School Dropout Went On To Become Wikipedia’s Hindi Editor


There are people who will lose hope at the face of a small adversity and then there are people who fight against all odds and pave their own roads to fulfilment. If you ever are at a crossroad where you have to choose between losing hope and holding on to it, choose the latter.

Like 22-year-old Raju Jangid from Rajasthan, a school drop out and a carpenter by profession, who wrote 1,800 articles and edited 57,000 pages on Wikipedia using a Samsung s5610 and went on to become Wikipedia’s Hindi Editor.

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According to News18, Raju hails from a small Jodhpur village named Thadiya and the reason why he started contributing to Wikipedia was that he couldn’t find any information about his village in Hindi on the platform.

Therefore, with a basic mobile phone which had the option to type in both English and Hindi, he started writing about his village on Wikipedia when he was studying in class 8.


Even though he dropped out of school in class 10, he continued writing for the platform. He privately appeared for class 12 and later pursued his BA, reports Times Now. He then started working as a carpenter and despite working for 10-12 hours daily, he spent his free time writing for Wikipedia.

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Impressed by his writing, Wikipedia gifted him a laptop and free internet connectivity in 2016. Now, Raju is a part of many Hindi projects wherein he writes articles on health and cricket in Hindi. He has also participated in many Wikipedia conventions in India.

If you chase what you are passionate about and work hard on it every single day, there is no doubt that success will follow!

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