Rajasthan Bride Wears Sherwani & Padgi, Arrives In A Horse For Pre-Wedding Ritual

According to Indian wedding traditions, a groom is expected to wear a sherwani, dhoti, or in some cases, a suit. Whereas, a bride is seen wearing a saree or a lehenga. Even though brides nowadays are experimenting with different attires for their wedding day, like a bride who showed up in a gorgeous pant-suit for her big day, a woman in Jaipur, Rajasthan, decided to take things to a different level.

Meet 25-year-old Kritika Saini from Sikar’s Ranoli! She decided to show up in a sherwani and pagdi while riding a horse for the pre-wedding ritual, Bandori. According to TOI, her family supported her mission to promote gender equality.

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Her cousin Vishal revealed that Kritika stiched the sherwani herself and it took her 3 months to finish it. She happens to be a student of fashion designing. The youngest among six siblings, Kritika’s father didn’t differentiate between his sons and daughters. Hence, he decided that Kritika, like other grooms, should be a part of a wedding procession.

“Kritika wanted to ride a horse for Bandori and wear a sherwani along with the ‘pagdi’. She designed the sherwani herself and although initially, the family was not keen on the idea, she managed to convince them. As she is the youngest of six siblings, her father wanted to fulfil all her wishes. They thought that this would be a novel way to promote gender equality and raise awareness about the same,” revealed Vishal.

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According to Rajasthan’s ‘Bandori’ tradition, the bride and groom are invited by relatives for a feast. However, it is usually the groom who arrives in a horse. In this case, the bride and groom both were dressed in a sherwani.

Have a look at her video here:

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A bride and a groom, on their wedding day, should have the freedom to wear whatever they love. It’s their big day after all! Don’t you think?

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