Guy Speaks Of How To Raise Sons So That They Don’t Grow Up To Be Sexist Or Entitled

Bringing up kids is a great responsibility and requires a lot of dedication. And making them understand things like respect and consent is absolutely imperative. Some also believe that the inclusion of feminism in education is a must for all boys to counter gender disparity and build a society where everyone has equal rights and opportunities regardless of gender.

child sitting beside baby bathtub
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A Twitter user @lammizaarif sparked a discussion on the same when he tweeted about how young boys should be taught not to throw tantrums at their mother as it turns into entitlement and misbehavior when they become adults.

Some users explained how kitchen work is primarily done by women in many households.

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Others pointed towards how boys learn from the behaviour of adult men around them.

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Some people shed light on the ‘Raja beta’ syndrome

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Finally, some people talked about how this is a much-needed change

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