Railways Scam Us By Selling ₹50 Meal At 90. Here’s Their Reply To A Customer Who Complained.

Indian Railways has always had a bad reputation in our country.

Be it the dirty toilets, insects found in food or the super-slow reservation system online – it remains the mode of transport that makes the Indians frustrated.

And now that the ticket prices have gone up and so have the reservation charges, people expect the services to be better. Railway Minister Suresh Prabhu has been proactive on the social media, trying to get Indian Railway’s reputation a tad bit better.

But looks like old habits change slowly. A Facebook user brought to our attention a new kind of scam that goes on in trains. The post was attributed to a retired IAS officer and here’s how it went –

1. The pantry car waiter who comes to take the order announced the rate of each meal to be Rs. 90 for a veg meal

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2. The passenger grew suspicious and checked the rate online on his smartphone and confronted the waiter with the rate card that said that veg meals are priced at only Rs. 50


3. The waiter knew he was caught red-handed but still said “Ok sir, for you, it’s Rs. 50. But don’t tell other passengers!”

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4. The passenger was too furious and demanded to write a complaint in the complaint book but the pantry in-charge said that they would throw it in the dustbin


5. When the passenger finally wrote the complaint, the pantry person wrote, “taken only Rs 50 from customer Bill No XXX and this customer writes complaint every time he travels.“

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And that was that. Nothing happened further.

The problem here is not the fact that a ‘scam’ was caught. The problem here is that most of the passengers do not bother to ask the rates or are even aware of the fact that there is a thing called a ‘rate card’.

And that is why these pantry people are scamming Indian passengers out of their hard-earned money.


Read the full FB post below –

Please ask for a rate card if you order a meal in the train. And if you can, please spread the awareness to your co-passengers!