Man Tweets He Is Unable To Contact Mom On Train, Indian Railways Arranges A Call

Over the years, the Indian Railways has provided an affordable means of travel for people across the country. But did you know that apart from transportation, it also provides medical assistance to rural India with its hospital on wheels aka the Lifeline Express? It has treated 12.32 lakh patients across 19 states free of cost.

In addition to healthcare, it promotes gender inclusivity by employing the L-Team, consisting of 14 women led by a female supervisor in Kerala who are responsible for train maintenance and passenger safety. Recently, it also connected a son to his mother with the help of Twitter.

Twitter user @curiou_s couldn’t get in touch with his mother after her train got delayed by 12 hours. So he tweeted for help by tagging the Railway Ministry.

Subsequently, Indian Railways Seva asked for the lady’s PNR, contact number, boarding station name and date of boarding. After obtaining the information, they forwarded the request to DRM Asansol.

Less than 2 hours later, with the help of the TTE, a telephonic conversation was arranged between the two.

People were impressed by the promptness of the sweet gesture and lauded the officials for the same. However, some also urged the ministry to ensure that trains depart and arrive on time to minimise such issues in the future.

Nobody wants trains to run late which is probably why IRCTC has taken a big step in this regard by contemplating compensation for passengers of the Delhi-Lucknow Tejas Express in case of delays. We hope other trains follow suit.

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