1 Tweet And Railway Minister Sends Immediate Food To Hungry Students On 7hr Delayed Train

The Railway Minister and the ministry have been earning themselves a good name continuously, first after helping a woman who was being harassed in a train, and then by providing staff and a wheelchair for an ailing father.


And now they have won hearts with the extremely helpful gesture of providing food to students of Asian School, Dehradun after they tweeted to the railway minister for help.

The incident took place when the train travelling from Haridwar to Howrah was left stranded due to dense fog. The train had students who were left hungry as the train has no pantry car.


The students knew about the incident where the Railway Minister had provided help to a woman being harassed in a recent incident and immediately tweeted to the Railway Minister for help

Railway Minister being the good samaritan that he is immediately sent help in the form of food for the children at Varanasi station.

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The students thanked the Railway Ministry and Suresh Prabhu profusely for the quick help they received and even went on to say that this quick help was a sign of progression for PM Modi’s Digital India dream

Clearly, the Railway Ministry is doing things the right way.

Good job Mr Suresh Parbhu. Once again you have earned our respect.

News Source: Dainik Bhaskar

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