Comedian Rahul Subramanian Introduces Us To ‘Office Dinosaurs’, Check Now To Find Out If You’re One!

Let’s admit it, if there’s anyone in India who can make jokes on all professions irrespective of industry, it’s comedian Rahul Subramanian. His hilarious jibes (especially his one-liners on LinkedIn) are so relatable that it hurts (psst. He almost got beaten up & threatened by few DJs for making jokes on their profession)

And now, he’s back again with something which is going to strike a chord with every millennial office-goer: the ‘Office Dinosaur’.

Who is an Office Dinosaur, you ask? Chances are you have already met one, or you ARE one! Here are some traits:

1. They massively fear just one word: Change.

An Office Dinosaur can sit at the same desk and perform the same tasks over and over again for years. They think that the real deal is sticking it out in the same company till retirement. Any kind of change frightens them because it’s challenging.

2. They only stick to what they know (which is usually nothing).

Forget about exceeding expectations, they don’t even meet them. And they render themselves useless by sticking to what they know best: an obsolete knowledgebase. That’s because they don’t have the desire to stay relevant, and they feel ‘too old’ to learn new skills.

3. They are the ultimate sloth-bears.

You see, Office Dinosaurs are satisfied with their little assignments and littler salaries. Because in order to get a better position they’d have to work harder, and that would get in the way of their nap-time. They are invisible to such an extent that even if they skip office, no one would ever notice.

4. They are low-key unethical.

Since they wouldn’t work hard for a better salary, they’ll come up with other ways to make some quick money. A popular quick-fix is submitting fake conveyance bills for reimbursements, fake house rent slips etc.

Pretty sure you’ve figured out the persona of an Office Dinosaur!

There’s no two ways about it that Office Dinosaurs will soon become extinct. The only way to stay relevant in today’s corporate ecosystem is to constantly keep upgrading your skills and becoming indispensable and valuable.

Because at the end of the day, only skills matter.

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The good news is that EdTech has democratised the process of learning. It’s 2019 and no one cares about fancy degrees or university legacy. Either you’re onboard the rocket named ‘continuous improvement’ or you’re an ‘Office Dinosaur’.

The choice is yours.

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Upgrade yourself, ace that interview, and own that kick-ass job at your dream company because improvement begins with I. 🙂