A Few DJs Are Threatening To Beat Comedian Rahul Subramanian For Making Harmless Jokes

For a country that staunchly and proudly favours Freedom of Speech, people take a lot of offence to trivial things. These are the same people who share offensive memes on social media, and when someone points it out to them, they reply with ‘learn to take a joke, bro’.

Comedians are amongst the most common category of people who face the brunt of these hypocrites. After Kunal Kamra, who has been at the receiving end of hate for his strong political views and opinions, Rahul Subramanian is next.

Having done a stand-up called ‘Kal Main Udega’, which is a set on various occupations, one of them being DJs, Rahul Subramanian became the object of hate from a lot of DJs who took serious offence to his jokes.

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Some even threatened to beat him up and abused him on social media. A few of them turned up at the venue where he was performing and demanded to see him so they can beat him up.

Rahul took to Facebook and Instagram to share his experience with this kind of online harassment.

So I recently posted a clip from my standup special “Kal Main Udega” about DJs for which I have got enormous & venomous…

Posted by Rahul Subramanian on 28 ಮಾರ್ಚ್ 2018

He wrote:

So I recently posted a clip from my standup special “Kal Main Udega” about DJs for which I have got enormous & venomous hate from DJs across the country coz the set had jokes about DJs.

I have received truckloads of love on my e-mail, messenger, comments etc. and lot of them are open threats. Attaching a few (of many) screenshots here.

Oh, by the way, something funny happened last evening. I was performing in Gurgaon and I was informed that there were some people waiting for me outside the venue, one of them being a guy who had apparently threatened to beat me up if he ever met me (of course after a handshake and a couple of drinks)

Just to give context, this is the same set that I have been performing across the country and abroad for the last 2 years at countless clubs and pubs with the DJs laughing their asses off & also coming up to me post-show and telling me how much they enjoyed the set. It’s because they know it’s a stand-up set & stand-up comedy is about looking at things from a different perspective and bringing out the humour in it.

Comedians across the world, for decades, have been making jokes about all sorts of professions. A big part of observational comedy is looking at day-to-day professions, and giving a funny spin to it. Type any profession + stand-up on YouTube and you are likely to come across at least one stand up comedy bit on that.

People have taken offence coz in the set, I say “I hate DJs” which means I actually hate DJs of course, coz I just said it in a stand-up set.

To give some context to it, this is a clip from of my stand up special “Kal Main Udega” – Stand up comedy with ‘no message’. The running theme of the whole special is making absurd jokes about random things. For instance, in the same special, I also say things like “I hate Spicejet air hostesses” “I killed my friend” “I run over people while driving” and so on. Yes, you are right, all that is true too coz I said it in my stand up set.

I must also say that I have received messages from a few DJs who loved the set and have also shared it on their feed. Thanks, guys 

You have full right to dislike my comedy, cuss me, hate me, say the worst possible things to me – that’s your freedom of expression and I completely support that. As long as you don’t threaten me, I respect your right to be offended and criticize.

P.S. – I have never had to make a statement like this one for the Engineers, Brand Managers, HR Managers, Air Hostesses, IT Guys, Sportspersons and many other professions that I have made jokes on.

P.P.S – To show my sincerity towards DJs who sent me love, I’ll do a new stand up set about this whole incident. Will it have more jokes? Of course, it will.


He even shared a screenshot of the abusive language on his feed and how they threatened him.

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Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Expression are basic fundamental rights. There’s no need to get worked up about it. So all DJs taking offence to jokes, let’s all sit back, relax and laugh it off, yeah?