Remember Rahul Roy? His ‘Aashiqui’ With BJP Has Sparked Hilarious Reactions From Netizens


Rahul, naam toh suna hoga! Well, long before Shah Rukh Khan could make this a cult line, there was another Rahul that was popular. Well, in the 90s came a one-hit wonder, Rahul Roy and his Aashiqui garnered a lot of love too.

Decades later, he is still known as the Aashiqui guy, even though he won first edition of Bigg Boss. Cut to 2017, he’s taken on a new role and is all set to be a politician. BJP just announced Rahul Roy joining their camp.

He cited how it is our PM Modi who inspired him to take up politics.

And, then what? Netizens showed her Junoon via their reactions to the news. 

1. Waqt ke saath pyaar badalta hain.

2. Ehh!

3. The nation wants to know.

4. Technically, yes!

5. That’s true too.

6. That’s what people are saying.

7. Did Prakash Raj say so?

8. Oh, yeah!

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9. Are you listening?

10. Some yojana.

11. And sing Aashiqui songs.

12. Kya AAP yeh samjhe?

13. Aha re! What would they do now?

14. Tu aaya toh hum, chale aaye.

15. Heard it in Kumar Sanu’s voice.

16. Duh, guys!

17. Lotuses are now Rahul’s favourite flower.

18. Baat toh true hain.

Rahul says it is a significant day for him. Netizens are making it more significant.

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