This Throwback Video Of Rahul Dravid Mimicking Sachin Tendulkar Is Too Funny To Not Hit Play

A gutsy batsman, prolific captain, eloquent speaker and ideal mentor, a lot of things come to mind when one thinks of the legend that is Rahul Dravid. One of the world’s finest cricketers of all-time, Rahul Dravid has played multiple roles in his glorious cricketing career. While we all know about the aforementioned ones, not many people would have seen Rahul Dravid being a mimicry artist.

Uploaded by CricketCountry, this video is from when Rahul Dravid was speaking at the launch of┬áthe book, ‘Sachin Born To Bat’. Sharing an incident from Sachin’s early days in domestic cricket during a West Zone v/s South Zone match at Chennai, Rahul made an attempt at imitating a distinctive Sachin voice (and did pretty well if you take my opinion).

Check out this rare video to witness a completely different side of Rahul Dravid.

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