Watch How Bengaluru Students Trolled Rahul Gandhi When He Asked About Swacch Bharat

Rahul Gandhi showed up at Bengaluru’s Mount Carmel college in a casual attire, a stub and a script to impress. Sadly, the script backfired.

While dismissively talking about Modi government’s Swach Bharat campaign, he asked a seemingly rhetorical question:

“It’s not working, is it?”
“I don’t see it working, do you see it working?”

Sadly (for him), the students decided to answer the question: almost all of them roared a definitive “YES” which stumped Rahul. Then, in a desperate attempt to save his grace, he asked another question (which pulled him even deeper into the “quicksand of backfire-ism”).

He asked, “Let’s ask another question. Do you think Make in India is working?”

One can learn two things from this comical incident:

a. Never give up.
b. Rahul Gandhi is tolerant because even if you make 1000s of jokes on him, he will never try to censor you.

Such is the maya of the man named Rahul Gandi. Jai ho.