Rahul Gandhi Filing For Congress President Election Has The Internet Gagging With Laughter!

Now, I’m no political expert but as a religious follower of memes, I can easily say that Twitter and the conglomerate owes a lot to the Indian political climate in India! I mean, apart from the multi-party whims, it is filled with news-worthy material that goes viral in no time. And the rest is history, for us to like and retweet.

In fact, there is an addition to the long list of news/whims and the memectivity (yes, I have coined a term, you guys) has just begun. And don’t worry about hurting/massaging your inclinations, because today we’re just celebrating the humour we need in the drudgery of life!

So, in case you have been living under a rock, Rahul Gandhi recently filled out the papers for the Congress President election…

And Twitter, unsurprisingly, has erupted with jokes and memes that are making me feel a little better about not being able to cuddle up in a blanket and reading a good book (who am I kidding; I mean binge-watch FRIENDS again)!

1. It all began with a subtle wish…

2. And soon, it was not so subtle anymore.

3. Nahi samjhe? To rephrase,

4. Another example to make your life easier!

5. Forms and forms galore!

6. Bwahahhahaha

7. Sorry for the outburst, I meant…Bwahahahha.

8. In other news,

9. Sorry, Bapu?

10. Ummmmmmm.

11. Easy competition?

12. Popular opinion of the day!

13. *facepalm*


Yes, I meant it when I said that we owed our laughs to the politicians. Also, please be my guest if you have more add!

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