‘Call Me Rahul, Not Sir’, Rahul Gandhi’s Request To College Girl Earns Huge Roar From The Crowd

With the elections just around the corner, all the parties have started with their respective promotional campaigns in a bid to pull the crowd in their favor. And the case is no different with Congress President Rahul Gandhi, who was at the Stella Maris College in Chennai as a part of his awareness campaign.

However, while we are not sure of the 46-year-old’s fate in the 2019 elections, Rahul surely managed to win over a group of college girls at the Stella Maris, with his charm. And guess what? We have proof.

While on stage, Rahul decided to take some questions from the girls seated below. But when one of the girls began her question referring to Rahul as ‘Sir’, the man came up with the sweetest of interruptions!

Breaking the girl from her question, Rahul asked her to call him ‘just Rahul’.

“Can you call me Rahul instead of Sir? Makes me more comfortable.”

His request drew a huge roar from the crowd and you bet, a few girls had lost their hearts then and there! Just for your info, Rahul attended the event in a grey t-shirt and jeans instead of his trademark kurta-pyajama!

Here is the video:

What a reply, Sirjee!