Rahul Gandhi Hopes For A Day When Chinese Youth Will Use Indian Phones. Twitter Mocks!

You’ve got to admit this: Rahul Gandhi’s recent speeches have been cut from a different cloth entirely, as compared to his earlier ones.

There are insane theories that state RaGa’s copying Canadian PM Justin Trudeau’s political gameplan. Or it could be that Pidi, his dog who already writes his tweets, has begun working on his speeches too.

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Either way, Rahul Baba has gone and had another foot-in-the-mouth moment!

In the wake of impending polls, Rahul Gandhi was addressing a rally in Himachal Pradesh this afternoon, when he made quite a statement!

“Wo din dekhna chahta hoon jab Chinese yuva aise selfie le aur phone ko ghumaye to uspar likha ho made in Himachal Pradesh, made in India.”

The Gandhi scion wanted to stress on the fact that every time we take a selfie using a phone that is essentially China ka maal, we’re helping their youth gain employment and helping their economy.

His wish? That one day, the selfie tables would turn and Chinese youth would be clicking selfies using phones manufactured in India.

The Vice-President of Congress then launched into his favourite topic of bashing Modi, who we might add for clarity, has been a staunch advocate of Make In India since, like, forever.

Now that Rahul Gandhi had spoken, would Twitter be far behind in yanking his chain? Evidently not!

It took mere minutes for them to find everything that was wrong with this statement and troll poor RaGa, quite savagely, I might add.

1. *slow claps*

2. Is that workstation Made In China or India again?


3. That could’ve been a start! But no, you only thought about yourself!

4. *checks label on brain* Made in China


6. Comedy Nights with RaGa, anyone?


7. Yeh public hai! Yeh sab jaanti hai!

8. Fool us once, shame on you. Fool us twice?

9. Want to get Sherlock on this but will have to go with ACP Pradyuman because Made In India!

10. Imitation is the best form of flattery! (Every Chinese item ever.)


11. Narrow save there, Obama bruh!

12. Okay! THAT was below the belt!

So, I guess, we all agree that Rahul Gandhi has some major Utopian #Goals for the country, which is fine and all, actually.

Unless you dream big, you’re not going to achieve big, amirite? You do you, Rahul! The world, and India in particular, is just not ready for your genius!

PS: We may not be manufacturing selfie-taking phones, but we’ve got Dhinchak Pooja and her Selfie song, and China can’t even touch that!

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