‘Black’, ‘Creeps’ Kerala Students Allegedly Subjected To Gross Racism At DU Colleges

Racism, colourism, homophobia, and sexism are some social evils that sadly, have plagued Indian society.

This time, a couple of students, originally from Kerala, alleged that they were subjected to racist comments during an online orientation session of Delhi’s University’s Ramjas College, reported Times Of India.

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According to screenshots shared online by the participants of the online session, one of the students criticized students from Kerala saying “Mam, the Keralites took our seats in Delhi University (DU). They are frauds. They got 100 percent by unfair means and took most of the north campus. Please mam consider this, throw them out of North campus. They are just black.”

 To this, a student responded:

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The participants of the online session told News9 that professors conducting the session did not utter a word against the racist comment made by the student. The complainant said, “I can tell you that it’s not just the students, there were also some faculties who made racist comments on South Indian students.”

Not just this, there have been multiple instances of racism against students of Kerala taking admission in DU colleges.

Screenshots from the students’ community WhatsApp groups of Ramjas college and Kirori Mal shared online show the abusive war of words between the two groups wherein Kerala students are branded as ‘trained terrorists’ and ‘blacks’.

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On one of the colleges’ groups when a Kerala student asked ‘Humne kya kya hai?’ someone responded, “Bhai dekh tu meri baat samaj hamara cbse ka evaluation 10th aur 11th k marks P hua hai aur baki kutch states like Kerala waha unfair method se marks diye gaye hain.” (Bro, listen, we were evaluated based on the marks we secured in 10th and 11th in CBSE board, while in states like Kerala, marks are allocated unfairly.)

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These students were also labeled ‘creeps’ and ‘cheaters’ in response to a Kerala student’s argument saying that they secured the seat in the college through ‘hard work’.

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After these screenshots made it to the higher authority of the colleges, the principal ordered a probe in the matter. The comments have been removed while the authorities suspect that ‘they were posted by an outsider who is not a student of the college.’

Principal of Ramjas College, Manoj Khanna said, “We have received an anonymous complaint. The comment was made and then removed. We have to see if there is any substance to the complaint and, if the comment was made, why it was done.” Another official said, “It is unfortunate; there are so many students from Kerala in DU. This is a dangerous trend and can spill over to other colleges.”

This year, a large number of students from Kerala have applied for admissions to DU colleges. And incidentally, most of them are perfect scorers, reported News18.

If these reported incidences are true then it’s a serious matter that needs to be dealt with ASAP. People spewing such derogatory remarks shouldn’t be allowed to ruin the atmosphere of educational institutions.

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