Quiz: Love Chawal? Then Guess These Delectably Desi Rice Dishes At A Glance!


When it comes to food, our country has a lot to offer, thanks to our diverse culture and the multitude of traditions and customs followed here. Likewise, there are also a number of rice dishes that we like to savor throughout the day. Well, let’s see if chawal-lovers can identify all of them correctly.

1. Almost every part of India has their own version of this mixed rice dish.

2. This comfort food from South India has a probiotic element as its main ingredient.

3. This one-pot rice meal is also eaten as Prasad mostly in the eastern region of India.

4. This traditional dish from Karnataka in fancy terms would read- a hot, gooey dish of rice and lentils!

5. A rice dessert popular in North Indian households.

6. A comfort food that can be found at every corner of New Delhi.

7. I can smell this mouthwatering dish.

8. This sweet and spicy preparation usually has tamarind juice as a base along with tomatoes and chili pepper!

9. A common sweet dish traditionally prepared as an offering to the Sun God in South India.

10. This dish has eggplant as a core ingredient and is often served hot with curd on the side.

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