Fraud Chops Off Genitals Of A Newborn To Prove It Was A Girl, Baby Dies Soon After

In a country where the rate of corruption is increasing at an alarming rate, nothing comes as a surprise to us anymore. We are subjected to vicious crimes of the weirdest nature every day and its high time we act not to stop but abolish the problems.

However, one particular field which has seen a significant number of frauds in the recent past is the medical world. From pseudo-doctors with fabricated certificates to forged surgeries being carried out, the world of healthcare has been hit with a major low. As we speak, we have another bone-chilling incident of which will make you bow your head down in shame.

In an incident that took place at a nursing home under Itkhori police station area of Jharkhand’s Chatra district, a quack cut off a newborn’s genital in his desperate attempt to prove that it was a girl.

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The shocking episode took place on Tuesday night at Om Nursing Home in Jay Prakash Nagar area in Itkhori. According to the police, the mother of the baby is Gudia Devi, who was more than eight months pregnant.

The quack, who has been identified as Anuj Kumar, predicted that the baby born will be a girl, after following an ultrasound. A cesarean was recommended for the delivery and the family was asked to deposit Rs. 10,000. After a son was born late at night, Anuj went on to cut the baby’s genitals in his bid to prove his point right.

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On committing the hideous crime, Kumar reported to the family that the baby born was a girl with deformities. Unfortunately, the baby died soon after. A complaint was lodged by the family and the police reached the hospital the next morning. Kumar, who is guilty of his actions had fled away by that time.

Speaking about the same, Chatra Civil Surgeon, Dr. S P Singh said,

“The doctor accused in the case did not have any registration or licence under the PNDT Act. He would scout for couples looking to know the gender of the foetus and get ultrasound done at the clinic of some of his associates. We have got the post-mortem of the baby done. The allegations against the doctor that he got the genitals severed… are true.”

With just hope on our side, we sincerely wish for the guilty to be punished and justice to be done to the family.

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