‘No Beer, PDA Or Clothes Exposing Knees & Shoulders’: Qatar’s Rules For FIFA World Cup 2022

To witness the FIFA World Cup in front of your eyes is a magical experience. It’s like a festival where football fans from across the world gather in the country hosting the event and have the time of their lives. Stadiums are filled with a sea of people, drinks in hand, cheering for their favourite teams.

Besides that, before and after the match, fans gather outside the stadium to have fun times with each other. They click pictures, share food and drinks, sing and dance, and whatnot. While most people show up wearing their favourite team’s jerseys, some outfits that you get to see are bizarre, to say the least. But it’s all in good fun. The frenzy of the championship remains unmatched.

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The FIFA World Cup 2022 is taking place in Qatar this year and begins on November 20 with a match between Ecuador and Qatar. However, while the Arab country is ‘modern’ when it comes to its futuristic skyscrapers and architecture, it is very conservative when it comes to clothing, especially that of women, and alcohol.

According to  Times Now, Qatar has placed certain rules in place concerning the FIFA World Cup 2022 that is bound to disappoint football fans. They have policies for alcohol, dress code, sex and drugs.

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1. Fans will be fined if they wear anything outside the Qatar dress code. People are expected to cover their midriff and shoulders. Their skirts and dresses must cover their knees, despite the nation being excessively hot.

Men will face fines and jail time if they remove their shirts and t-shirts completely. On the other hand, sleeveless tank tops and tops with offensive slogans are not permitted. Swimwear is allowed at hotel beaches and pools, only.

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2. Qatar has completely banned the sale of beer at the World Cup stadiums, reported Mint.

Fans have been asked to “avoid purchasing duty-free booze” because the importation of alcohol is illegal. A “sin tax” will be applied to all purchases of alcohol outside the stadium. For example, in hotels, a beer would cost over Rs 7,700 on the days of the semi-finals and finals. However, there will be certain “fan zones” where beer will be available for fans after 6.30 PM, reported TIME.

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3. Homosexual acts are illegal in Qatar. Its punishment includes fines, prison sentences of up to seven years, and even death by stoning.

Visitors have been strictly asked to abide by Qatar’s rules and not engage in public displays of affection as it can lead to a fine or an arrest. Importing porn and sex toys is also prohibited.

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“We have high-resolution special cameras to zoom in on a particular seat and clearly see the spectator. It’s being recorded, so that will help us in any post-event investigation,” the Chief technology officer of the FIFA World Cup in Qatar Niyas Abdulrahiman, said.

What are your views on these rules?

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