Meet Monty The Python, He’s Going Viral For Giving A Ride To Toads After A Thunderstorm

If I tell you that I’m going to narrate a story about an act of kindness from the animal kingdom, which creature will immediately come to mind? A dog maybe. They’re known to be affectionate. But would you believe me if I said it was an 11 feet, 4-inch python? Unexpected, sure but also 100% true.

Paul Mock lives in Kununurra, Australia. A heavy thunderstorm hit this area late Sunday night. After the rain subdued, he went out to find that his dam had overflowed. And this caused a bit of a problem to the cane toads that lived on its edge. So they asked a python to give them a lift. And he obliged!

Paul recounts the bizarre incident,

“Thousands of toads were all trying to find somewhere to go. And then I saw Monty our local python with a bunch of hitchhikers on his back.”

Paul’s brother posted this photo on Twitter and it went viral

What’s unusual about this whole incident is that the python did not try to have his passengers for supper. Also, according to a BBC report, cane toads possess a deadly toxin that can cause serious harm to snakes.

And if you’re wondering why Paul was clicking pictures of a python instead of running away, this might clear things up.

“Monty’s well known to us. He hangs around back of our pool and scares my wife when she’s hanging up our washing.”

With 12,000 retweets, Monty is now quite famous. Netizens are having a field day making transport puns at his expense. Of course, there are some who feel quite frightened by him as well.

  1. Public transport #FTW


3. Free, actually

4. This one’s hilarious

5. Night terrors

6. My initial reaction

Conservation biologist Jodi Rowley also saw the picture and what she revealed may have been more bizarre than the picture itself.

That is definitely freaky. And weird. I’m not the only one who thinks that, right?

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