Desi Woman Teaches Her Labrador Pups To Pray Before Eating, Twitter Calls Them ‘Good Bois’

While the nation battles the second wave of Covid, people are desperately seeking some respite from the news; while being grateful for the small things in life. This is precisely why a clip of two pups learning to pray before relishing their dinner is making waves online.

Two Labrador puppies can be seen awaiting their meal while their owner voices a prayer in Marathi with folded hands. Although tempted by the bowls of kibble, the doggos patiently wait while the mantras are being chanted. At one point, the pooch with the red collar seems to have trouble waiting, which is quite amusing.

Right after their ‘momma’ finishes praying, the pooches run to their bowls! Take a look:

Some people online marveled at their manners and called them both good boys-

However, some opined that it was more a matter of discipline and the dogs were awaiting instructions.

Do your pets have a similar routine? Tell us!

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