Sherwani To Anarkali, A Boutique In Australia Is Creating Traditional Wear For Doggos

Gone are the days when we only had to fret about our attires. Since pets are as important as any other family member, pet parents have been giving a lot of heed to the dresses their little pooches would be wearing on the special occasion.

Earlier, actress Keerthy Suresh dressed up her dogs in veshtis for Onam. Two dogs were also seen earlier dressed as desi bride and groom. While they definitely looked adorable, it would have been a task for their parents to look for such cute outfits for the dogs. Well, not anymore!

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That’s because we’ve unearthed a luxury desi fashion outlet based in Australia named ‘Puprika Boutique’, dedicated to making bespoke Indian clothes for your furbabies.

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From cute brocade bow ties to vibrant sherwanis, gorgeous Anarkali with comfortable velcro straps, they have something for every desi dog owner. Interestingly, they also claim to have the world’s first ‘pattu pavadai’ (traditional frock) for doggos.

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The unique idea of opening a boutique for dogs was the brainchild of Sydney’s Meygha Shankar who was tired of looking for Indian attires for the youngest member of her family, Sona-her dog, for her wedding last year. That’s when she decided to take control and started stitching clothes for her.

“I searched far and wide, but only found unadorned bows and bandanas. Nothing stood out. I decided to take matters (and scissors) into my own hands and created bespoke outfits for her. Now, my bub was by my side matching with my banarasi silks, velvets and kanjivarams for each and every event. And that’s where this story began,” she shared her story on her website.

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This is how the lux, South Asian apparel brand dressing dogs of all kinds for every occasion, was born. Now you know where to shop desi attires for your furballs. Thank us later!

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